Florence Nightingale Museum

Travel through three pavilions to relive Florence’s childhood, understand her experiences in the Crimean War and discover how she pioneered modern nursing practice. Her story is brought to life through unique collections, interactive displays and art installations

Located within St Thomas’ Hospital, just off Westminster Bridge, the museum was opened in 1989 and now forms a key part of London’s medical heritage. The collection consists of personal material associated with Florence Nightingale, items relating to the Crimean War and nursing artefacts. The museum archives include approximately 800 letters from Florence Nightingale and an important rare book collection of 284 titles.

Today, the museum has expanded to introduce wider Victorian themes including the most recent exhibition – The Age of the Beard.

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Did you know?

Known as “The Lady with the Lamp”, Florence Nightingale was a pioneering nurse, writer, and noted statistician.