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Consultation Responses

14 Apr 2015

South Bank Employers’ Group has commented on the following consultations:

Network Rail Wessex Route Study

We have commented on those parts of this strategic document which relate to Waterloo Station. See our comments on the consultation here

New Southwark Plan

We have commented on the initial document from Southwark which will eventually lead to a new Southwark Local Plan from 2018 with issues such as housing, retail, protecting local businesses, supporting high streets, and directing growth in key areas.  Read our comments to this consultation here.

Permitted Development Right

In a joint effort, South Bank Employers’ Group has been involved in a joint letter to the Chancellor on behalf of London BIDs about the impact of the right to convert offices to residential without the need for planning consent and the threatened withdrawal of the current exemption from this policy of the Central Activities Zone in which our area falls, This is opposed by Lambeth, Southwark and the Mayor as well as business organisations. The letter and the Chancellor’s response can be seen, here and here

Image of South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours (SoWN)

South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours (SoWN)

14 Apr 2015

For the past year, a group comprising 430 local residents, business representatives and other volunteers have been working to develop a neighbourhood plan for the area. 

This is a major undertaking, involving a wide-ranging consultation across the business and residential community, meetings and workshops. The neighbourhood plan will set out the vision for South Bank & Waterloo development over the next decade to twenty years.  SBEG is administering the process for SoWN because we believe that the residential and business community share a firm connection and ambition for the area, and that neighbourhood planning provides a major opportunity to help shape its future according to local needs.  

The plan, which will be put to a referendum of residents and businesses, will, if approved, set out policies which Lambeth and Southwark’s Planning Committees will have to take account of when deliberating on planning applications.  A set of working groups has been developing ideas to address such disparate concerns as:

  • How to ensure the local retail environment is appropriate to residents as well as workers and how to protect smaller independents from the rising cost of operating in Waterloo
  • How to deliver affordable housing
  • How to ensure development doesn’t place additional pressure on valuable green space
  • What funding which comes from developers should be spent on

Once the plan is written, a task which is expected to be completed by the summer of this year, it will need to be formally consulted upon and it will be independently examined to ensure the policies within it are legal.  All businesses and residents will then have the chance to vote on the plan in a local referendum.  

The latest draft of objectives and policies can be seen here. If you have any comments please contact Ben Stephenson 020 7202 6900 or

Image of South Bank Security:  New Met Patrol Plus Scheme

South Bank Security: New Met Patrol Plus Scheme

14 Apr 2015

The Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) current local policing model does not currently provide the degree of police visibility in our neighbourhood that is expected by stakeholders.  A new scheme, Met Patrol Plus, provides for uniformed police officers to be supplied on a ‘buy one, get one free’ basis to London Boroughs and their partners for a minimum of 3 years   The London Eye S106 and South Bank BID, in partnership with Lambeth, will pay for one officer and Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) would provide an additional constable free of charge. This will equate to 80 hours of policing over a 7 day week. SBEG’s Security Manager will determine deployment on behalf of South Bank Business Watch and the South Bank BID – the officers are guaranteed not to be deployed elsewhere except in the case of a major incident.   The aim is to enhance police visibility in the area, to undertake targeted activity against crime and anti social behaviour and to use the additional police resources to reinforce the contribution made by South Bank Patrol where a full Police presence is required.  The issues -  unlicensed street trading, aggressive begging, unlawful gambling, street drinking and the theft of personal property from people at venues, are of concern to employees, businesses, residents, and visitors and we believe this additional resource will make a difference.  

Find out more about South Bank Patrol here.

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