Image of Capital Projects: Waterloo IMAX Roundabout

Capital Projects: Waterloo IMAX Roundabout

7 Jan 2015

 Transport for London’s Major Projects Team is working on  plans for  a major public realm scheme which will transform the IMAX roundabout area by removing the existing IMAX roundabout in order to create an open peninsula, and transform access to the IMAX itself.  The pedestrian environment in this area is very poor but routes through it from Waterloo Station to the riverside are critical for commuters, employees, residents and visitors.

South Bank Employers’ Group has been promoting and advising on improvements to this problem area  for many years, helping to coordinate between landowners, stakeholders and statutory authorities.  It has been gratifying to see that improvements to the IMAX roundabout and Waterloo Road are now high on the agenda of TfL and Lambeth.  


Image of Capital Projects:  The South Bank Spine Route

Capital Projects: The South Bank Spine Route

7 Jan 2015

The South Bank Spine Route (Belvedere Road, Upper Ground and adjacent roads) was regenerated in the 1990s as one of SBEG’s early flagship projects.

Conceived as an alternative to the Riverside Walkway, it has become key to pedestrian, cycling and vehicle movement in the South Bank as well as servicing the cultural organisations and businesses along it. However heavy use, wear and tear and utilities works have left it in a state that is not fit for purpose.

Major development works will be undertaken in the next few years and the South Bank Employers’ Group is now leading a refurbishment and improvement project to tie in with these developments. Project designs were commissioned to leading landscape architects Gross Max, with the aim to complete a holistic redesign of the streetscape and road finishes of the South Bank Spine Route to achieve a world-class urban environment.

During 2014, consultation with stakeholders took place which has resulted in the completion of a draft concept design.  Further consultation and detailed design work is due to be undertaken in 2015.

One key achievement in December 2014 was the reinstatement of the banners and lighting columns in front of the National Theatre, temporarily removed during the National Theatre Future building work. 

Image of The New Our South Bank Website

The New Our South Bank Website

7 Jan 2015

In October 2014 the South Bank Visitor Management Group (VMG), a public-private partnership between major organisations in the South Bank and Lambeth Council, successfully launched the Our South Bank website.

The site is focused on keeping employers, residents and visitors up-to-date with issues and developments affecting the public realm in and around South Bank, in the areas comprised between Lambeth Bridge and Oxo Tower Wharf and further South to St. George’s Circus. It gives visitors, employees and residents alike a voice with a handy tool to report on problems such as graffiti and potholes, for these to be acted upon as swiftly as possible by VMG.

The website also includes a Points of Interest page highlighting new developments, construction works, road closures, planning applications and upcoming outdoor events to keep the public informed about what’s happening in the local area. In addition, a detailed Estate Map shows land ownership in the area, with contact details of each landowner.

Such an informative, interactive tool has not been seen in the neighbourhood before and will play a significant role in mitigating the impacts of the proposed major construction projects due to affect large sections of the area in the next few years. 

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