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Security Update: Unlicensed Street Trading

7 Jan 2015

A strategy to tackle unlicensed street trading on the South Bank has proved to be a success in 2014. A total of 415 prosecutions have been initiated against unlicensed traders in the period between April 2013 and December 2014. We have achieved this by developing an effective delivery model using dedicated enforcement officers from the patrol team, the secondment of a Lambeth Enforcement Officer and the provision of police officers under a Special Services Agreement with the Metropolitan Police.

Critical to this success has been putting in place operational support in terms of cleansing and secure storage of seized ice cream vans and food trolleys. We have also been supported by the courts that have recognised that unlicensed street trading is an organised and profitable enterprise undertaken by a number of persistent offenders that undermines legitimate traders and has a detrimental impact on the image of the South Bank. 

The increased level of fines and costs imposed by the courts reflects this understanding. Finally, recognition needs to be given to the hard work and motivation of the team in 'making it happen'. As a result of this hard work, the cycle of profitability for unlicensed street traders has been broken.

Our key to success was for SBEG to review its 'on the ground' tactics. Previously, the reality was that, on the approach of the enforcement team, ice cream traders drive off. If an attempt was made to lawfully seize a stationary vehicle it was verbally and physically resisted.

With the support of the police exercising their powers to lawfully stop, seize and retain vehicles it has severely impacted upon the ability of unlicensed traders to trade and make a profit. Our key learning is that a sustained zero tolerance enforcement regime works. Unlicensed traders have at least for now deserted the South Bank area.


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South Bank & Waterloo Neighbourhood Plan

7 Jan 2015

South Bank & Waterloo Neighbours (SoWN), which is administered by SBEG, is producing a Neighbourhood Plan under the provisions of the Localism Act (2011). Support for the neighbourhood plan is included in both SBEG’s business plan and the South Bank Partnership’s Manifesto as a key mechanism for enabling local decision making about planning decisions and the defrayal of developer contributions for a better neighbourhood.

SoWN comprises some 430 members, residents, employees and businesses and is one of the largest such organisations in the country. In the last quarter an extensive programme of talks and debates, and a consultation stall in Lower Marsh Saturday Market was successful in gathering a wealth of information to develop the vision and core values and provide the basis for distillation into broad themes for the plan. Working groups have been formed to develop a set of objectives and projects for retail, housing, social infrastructure, streetscape and transport, development management, and green infrastructure, open space & air quality.

70 members of the business and residential community fed back on these at a conference on December 11thand a steering group was also re-elected.

On 30 October SoWN hosted a visit from Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Brandon Lewis MP, who was supportive of the SoWN process, describing it as an exemplar of urban neighbourhood planning.  To find out more visit or email







Image of The New South Bank BID

The New South Bank BID

7 Jan 2015

The South Bank BID ballot took place in June 2014, and a strong endorsement for the proposal with 90% voting in favour resulted in the creation of a new Business Improvement District (BID) for London. Welcoming the news of the result, Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “The world famous South Bank attracts 25 million visitors a year and is a vital part of the city’s economy. A Business Improvement District will help ensure that the area continues to flourish for many years to come”. The South Bank BID proposal committed to Deliver a safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhood; Promote the South Bank and its individual businesses; Manage the impact of construction on business; be a representative voice for South Bank businesses; Assist in reducing operational costs for businesses. The BID formally came into being on 1 October 2014 and has started operations, including delivery of environmental services, security and marketing. Delivery is being overseen by SBEG staff and aligned with existing SBEG service delivery to minimise overheads and maximise performance.  


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