South Bank Security Strategy

5th April 2017 | Article By South Bank Employers Group

The team led by our Head of Security Neil Haggertay is tasked with co-ordinating all activity in the neighbourhood to cut crime and the fear of crime. Neil and his team ensure that there is collaboration between the police, the South Bank Patrol service, local  authorities  and  private  security  teams.  This  includes,  for  example,  ensuring  that  public  and private CCTV camera systems are used together to deter and detect crime.

Our Security team tackles  the  security  concerns  of  the  area’s  biggest  employers,  which  are  expressed through South Bank Business Watch and in line with the objectives set out by the South  Bank  Partnership in its 2010 Manifesto Under Pressure and on the Edge and revised 2014 edition An Area Under pressure. The Partnership’s action plan calls for:

  • the continuing effective coordination between public and private CCTV systems
  • full cross-borough boundary coordination of police, wardens and crime prevention activity
  • the successful public- private South Bank Patrol Service and strengthened levels of local security collaboration
  • a concerted approach to rough sleeping and street drinking
  • the development of cross-borough delivery of services and programmes
  • the consolidation and development of additional local services appropriate to local needs, in partnership between public authorities and private landowners
  • the improvement of the service levels needed to cater for the neighbourhood’s very high footfall generated by millions of visitors and commuters

The South Bank Security strategy also sets out to improve the coordination of ‘activity/delivery’ across private and public sectors; communications on security issues; coordination across private and public and borough boundaries; coordination between public sector and private sector security objectives; coordination between strategic thinkers and delivery agents.