South Bank Forum

12th April 2017 | Article By e3creative

South Bank Forum gives community members an opportunity to raise what they would like to see change in their neighbourhood so that decision-makers fully understand local needs.

The forum has given local employers a place to engage residents on new developments including Elizabeth House, the Shell/Braeburn project and Hungerford car park, and local authorities an opportunity to communicate public realm proposals. We provide the secretariat for the forum, co-chaired by our two local MPs Kate Hoey and Neil Coyle, and details of upcoming meetings can be obtained by signing up to the forum mailing list:


Update – The South Bank Forum originally scheduled for Thursday 7th September, has been moved to Wednesday 10th October and will take place from 19:00 – 21:00.

The event will take place at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre.

An agenda will be circulated in an email closer to the event.