Westminster Bridge Road environs

20th April 2017 | Article By e3creative

South Bank Employers’ Group is on the project board of a Lambeth Council scheme to re-shape roads around Westminster Bridge Road to improve the experiences of all road users.

There are two main phases of the project, focusing on Lambeth North Junction and Upper Marsh/Carlisle Lane/Lower Marsh Crossing. The project is likely to commence in autumn 2017 for completion in mid-2018. There will be improvements to the roads and wider pavements for pedestrians, trees and planting on new public space. There will also be improved signalised cycle facilities in order to improve safety for all road users, and slow the flow of cyclists entering a busy area.

For the second phase, a lighting scheme has been designed for the under-crofts of Westminster Bridge Road, Carlisle Lane and Upper Marsh. The scheme to improve the pedestrian experience by creating attractive tunnels that improve perceptions of safety was due to be approved by Lambeth in late-April 2017.