South Bank and Waterloo: A Vision for 2030 Launched

Since 1995, the South Bank and Waterloo Partnership has existed to improve the public realm, environment and facilities of the area for the benefit of all those who live, work, study and visit in South Bank and Waterloo.

Chaired by the local MPs for Vauxhall, and Bermondsey and Old Southwark, the Partnership is a collaboration between local authorities, statutory agencies and community representatives, businesses, cultural and educational organisations. SBEG as a collective is one of the key representative bodies of the Partnership, alongside South Bank BID (which is delivered by SBEG), allowing our members to use their experience and success working in partnership to help build a thriving local community.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Partnership developed a detailed Recovery Plan for the area which provided a clear structure on the priorities and actions needed to support a safe, successful and sustainable recovery in South Bank and Waterloo. Following the resilience demonstrated by the area over the past three years, a new Vision has been produced by the Partnership which looks toward the next six years, and what work is needed to ensure South Bank and Waterloo remains one of London’s most vibrant areas.

The South Bank and Waterloo Vision 2030 covers a longer timeframe than previous Manifestos, to allow for longevity over political change and to work in tandem with other critical London wide programmes and local agendas, such as the Lambeth 2030 Borough Plan and the Southwark Borough Plan.

The 2030 vision is based on three core pillars, which provide the foundation for a transformation of the area:

-        An Inclusive Place

-        A Place of Opportunity

-        A Net-Zero Neighbourhood

South Bank and Waterloo: A Vision for 2030 calls on partners from across the neighbourhood to endorse these opportunities and commit to action which will make South Bank and Waterloo a better, healthier, greener and safer place to live, work, study and visit.

To learn more about these pillars and the activity being undertaken, you can find the complete South Bank and Waterloo: A Vision for 2030 publication here.

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