South Bank Employers' Group seeks Net Zero Programme Lead

Earlier this year, South Bank Employers' Group and local partners including Lambeth Council, South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours (SOWN), and WeAreWaterloo helped launch the Net Zero Action Plan and Strategy for Waterloo and South Bank.

Building on the targets outlined by Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London at a local and neighbourhood level, the strategy brings together businesses, resident groups and other local organisations to work both individually and in collaboration across several projects and initiatives.

With this high level of collaborative working required, SBEG and partners have come together to create and fund the appointment of a Net Zero Programme Lead (NZPL) to help achieve Waterloo and South Bank's net zero commitments.

This is a pivotal and exciting role that all partners passionately believe will build momentum following the formal launch of the strategy.

The new programme lead will deliver an ambitious programme that spans the vibrant and diverse Waterloo and South Bank neighbourhood and will work with a range of partner organisations spanning businesses and employers, landowners, developers, residents, students, community organisations, Lambeth Council, Southwark Council, Business Improvement Districts and the Greater London Authority. Many of these organisations will be involved in a broader reference network – a dynamic group that will bring expertise, knowledge, commitment, ideas and resources – a fantastic asset to have.

To learn more about the role, and to apply, please click here.

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